Monica Brown’s business was born of a change in the way she looked at food, and the ways it could fuel her entire family. “I learned the simple but profound value of making my diet center around fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains and also healthy sources of dairy and eat.” She launched Your Health Source in 2001 and was soon making bi-weekly deliveries of organic food throughout Texas and Oklahoma. 

But in 2014 and 2015, business started to decline. “Product-sourcing issues, greater competition, and internet marketing changes all negatively impacted business,” Brown remembers. She also feared that taking care of a large family of eight children while running a business may have played a part in the decline. 

Brown’s husband learned about SCORE first and took a workshop, but the couple did not immediately start working with a mentor. Later, a friend recommended SCORE again after hearing of their business challenges. “After a few months, I mustered up the courage to move forward and send in a request for a mentor to help me with marketing,” Brown says.

My successes. 

Brown reports that Your Health Source is back on the right track since beginning to work with her SCORE mentors.  “I was deeply concerned that I might not be able to turn my business around for a variety of reasons.,” she says. “Now, I have used the information to maintain what I have and move forward with growth.”

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE mentor Stan Booth helped Brown improve search-engine optimization on her website so new customers could find Your Health Source online more easily. “I am taking his training in bite-size pieces  and am implementing little by little each idea,” Brown says. 

Booth also introduced Brown to mentor Chuck Rudnick, who advised on marketing ideas and goals for Brown’s business. “Stan and Chuck’s ideas are enabling me to prioritize and gain and broader view of where I am at, where I can go, and how to get there,” she says.