Selling to Bigger Companies


Have you been struggling to get your foot in the door of bigger companies? If so, you'll want to attend this session with Jill Konrath, author of “Selling to Big Companies” & “SNAP Selling”.

You'll discover:

  • Why corporate decision makers want to do business with small companies.
  • How to identify the right people to meet with -- and get their contact info.
  • How to clearly articulate your value proposition.
  • How to craft enticing email or voicemail messages that get responses.
  • What it takes to put together an effective account entry campaign

Host: Jeanne Rossome

Guest Speaker: Jill Konrath

About Jeanne:
Jeanne Rossomme wants to help you get more mileage from your business’ sales and marketing engine.  Jeanne is a recognized national speaker on marketing and sales best practices and is a regular blogger for SCORE’s Success Blog.  She holds an MBA from Wharton and over 20 years of professional sales and marketing experience both in the US and abroad with companies such as General Electric and DuPont.  Jeanne is the founder of RoadMap Marketing. Visit her company website for more ways to Get Moving.

About Jill
Jill Konrath, bestselling author of Selling to Big Companies and SNAP Selling, is on a mission to help small companies win big contracts in the corporate market. Her newsletter, which has over 100,000 subscribers, is filled with fresh sales strategies and her website,, has tons of free sales resources on it. 
When Jill recently surveyed over 3000 sellers to find out how they were using LinkedIn, she was blown away by what she discovered.  Top sellers were using LinkedIn completely differently from their peers. She’s sharing her what she learned with SCORE because she wants small business owners to be able to capitalize on these same strategies.