New Rules of Personal Productivity


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Learn the best ways to prioritize your small business responsibilities and get the most out of your time by igniting your passion, engaging in new practices and emerging new ways to do business. Listen today to increase your productivity!                                                       

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • How to prioritize your activities so that the really important things come first – in your work and in your life..
  • How to eliminate activities and habits that feel important but don’t really matter.
  • How to automate important but low-value work.
  • How to delegate to and use virtual assistants.
  • How to batch organize your work.

Host: SCORE Association

Guest Speaker: Tony Signorelli

About Tony:
Tony Signorelli is the founder of the New Rules of Self Employment, an online community of independent, small business, and entrepreneurial professionals, and author of the forthcoming book New Rules of Self Employment. He offers presentations and workshops to help professionals prioritize their business focus and streamline productivity, thereby increasing sales, profits, and work-life balance. Tony is also the principle consultant at Signorelli & Associates, Inc., which provides expertise in sales force effectiveness, process design, and training for major corporations such as Thomson Reuters, Medtronic, Emerson Electric, Glaxo, and Sulzer Medical. Tony is the author of several publications on entrepreneurship.