Instant Tax Relief - Last Minute Tax Strategies for Business Owners


Tax season is upon us, but it’s not too late to learn some last-minute strategies to help you save money.  Join this informative webinar by national tax planning expert Dominique Molina to learn:

  • Certified Tax Coach logoHow taxes really work (How to beat the IRS. Legally!)
  • How to slash your audit risk (Fly under the IRS radar!)
  • The truth about accountants (Do you know the single most expensive mistake they make?)
  • Rescue lost deductions for thousands in savings
  • The single most powerful strategy for most (members)
  • Retirement savings strategies for every career stage
  • How to make the most of meals, entertainment, and gifts
  • The “mileage allowance” mistakes that cost thousands! 
  • Write off your medical bills as a business expense. (Far better than Healthcare Savings Accounts!)
  • How to deduct your kids’ private school and college tuition

Presenter: Dominique Molina, President - American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches
Duration: 1 Hour
Host: SCORE Association

About Dominique

Dominique MolinaTax expert Dominique Molina, CPA is a nationally sought-after speaker, author, & premier tax strategist. Through her organization Certified Tax Coach, she trains tax professionals across the country how to help their clients save thousands of dollars per year on their taxes. She has scoured the tax code to bring you thousands of legal tax loopholes put together in innovative tax plans designed to drastically slash your tax bill and position you to pay the lowest amount of tax possible. This strategic tax planning will save you thousands in wasted tax dollars while helping you to achieve your dreams!

As the President of The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches, the leader in tax strategies and coaching, Dominique is sharing her expertise and helping business owners to stop wasting money on taxes they don’t have to pay! She is a 3-time bestselling author. Her latest book, “Tax Breaks of the Rich and Famous,” focuses on helping small business owners rescue thousands in wasted tax.