Hiring and Managing Marketing Contractors: Smart Tips


You know that you need marketing to increase sales and get the word out. But do you need to hire a professional? Maybe you have already sunk in time and effort with ideas that flopped. How can you be sure you are getting a good return for your business? 

Based on 20+ years experience in a variety of marketing roles and several years working with the lean budgets of entrepreneurs, Jeanne Rossomme will walk you through the complete process for maximizing your marketing:
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  • Start: What marketing activities should you outsource? What activities should you DIY or keep in-house?
  • Set Goals: How much should you pay? How do you set a budget for your marketing project?
  • Vendor List: With so many names for marketing companies, how do you know where to look and who to ask?
  • Request for Proposals: How do you structure requests so you can compare and evaluate your options?
  • Decision: Why going with the lowest bidder may not be the best (or cheapest) option. What should you look for (or look out for) in an agreement?
  • Results: How can you track and gain valuable learning, no matter the results?

Presenters: Jeanne Rossomme, Owner - RoadMap Marketing
Duration: 1 Hour
Host: SCORE Association

Download this guide "What Should You Pay for Marketing Services"

About Presenter Jeanne Rossomme

Jeanne Rossomme headshotJeanne is committed to helping small business owners achieve their goals through direct, actionable roadmaps. She uses marketing models, analytics and metrics to focus and accelerate the growth process.
Prior to leaping into the entrepreneurial world, Jeanne worked in several marketing positions for General Electric and DuPont. Jeanne holds a B.S. in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin, an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, and doctoral studies in marketing research at the University of Miami. 
She writes and speaks regularly on small business marketing and has published and taught at universities in the US and Mexico. Jeanne loves travel, dancing, cooking and cheering on her three active sons and inspiring husband.  She blogs for SCORE each Monday on Marketing and Growth.