Computer Scams, Fraud and Espionage: How Cyber Crime Can Destroy Your Business

Computer Scams, Fraud and Espionage
Hackers have become smarter and better organized, developing more complex ways to attack businesses and evade detection. Unlike large companies, with in-house technical expertise and sophisticated security infrastructure, small businesses may not be able to survive a cyber attack, with nearly 60% of businesses closing within six months of a hack. Understanding what these attacks look like, how they behave, the data they are after and how you can defend against them may be the key to keeping your business, employees and customers safe.

This webinar will provide you with guidance on the steps to take to ensure you are protected from all angles of cyber crime. Download the 10 Step Security Checklist to help you focus on the most vulnerable areas of your digital business. 

Presenters: Monica Hamilton - Global Director, SMB Product and Solutions Marketing, McAfee
Duration: 1 Hour
Host: SCORE Association
About Monica
Monica Hamilton, McAfee HeadshotAs Director of SMB Product and Solutions Marketing at McAfee, Monica is responsible for driving McAfee’s SMB communications, establishing a strategic marketing direction, and optimizing the development of business plans and product positioning. Monica also acts as global product, market, and customer expert and evangelist for McAfee SMB solutions. Prior to joining McAfee, Monica worked for over 15 years in the business development, strategic alliances, developer (ISV) ecosystems, marketing and product strategy in security, mobile, software and semiconductor industries. As a recognized industry leader, Monica has implemented successful global strategies and plans to achieve high-revenue growth, streamline profitability and cultivate long term customer relationships for software, hardware, B2C and B2B companies. She completed her undergraduate work at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.