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Tips for Improving Moving Company Sales
by Adam Torkildson
September 27, 2022

In Today’s world, moving from one place to another has become quite easy due to the existence of moving companies. There are many moving companies available in the market at this time and hence competition is high, making several market players nervous and lacking. Running a moving business successfully is a long process that requires knowing the requirements of its audience before targeting them. There is a high amount of work required to generate leads, engage them and finally convert them. An effective marketing strategy is very important to generate good revenue and get in the list of most trusted cross country moving companies.

If you are facing troubles marketing your moving service business, let us give you a review of key marketing strategies followed by leading relocation services providers.

Knowing your target audience

One important step that moving companies can take is build a relationship with IT companies and other big firms whose employees are ready for relocation at any point in time. This way moving companies can get a bulk of customers who are willing to relocate.

Another thing that could be done is to focus on those customers who would rather not opt for any professional moving companies and would prefer to move in their ways. Out of many possible reasons one reason could be the high expense of taking help from professional movers. Moving companies should understand their concerns and needs and should negotiate the best way possible to attract this segment of customers.

Using PPC and SEO technology

PPC (Pay per click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the two digital marketing trends to attract more customers to your business. Companies can use advertisements to generate sales, brand awareness, etc which can return huge revenue from their online customers. SEO works when the target audience is looking for the moving companies online then their name should be in the top companies list because the audience is way more attractive to the trending websites. Spending wisely on SEO and PPC when marketing their services.


Branding is a way of associating customers with your business by making your business recognizable in the market. Moving companies should spend a bit on branding so that the name justifies their business and can get them their target audience.

Using Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn can be used to generate leads for your moving business. Though users prefer visiting websites when looking for moving services but chances are more that they will search for your social profiles to see about your previous and upcoming work. Make sure to post daily on these platforms and try to post creative content so that customers feel to choose your services. Another thing that could be done is to answer the queries of your customers as quickly as possible and take every feedback in a positive manner of improving your services.

Provide Referral Coupons

It is rightly said that the old customers can get you a dozen of new customers. So always make your customers happy and satisfied with your services so that they can refer your business to their friends and family. One such way is by giving incentives to the old customers for every new customer brought to your business. Encouraging referral business is a great tool for expanding your new as well as your old business.

Network with real estate agents

Search for real estate agents in your region and establish a good connection with them by presenting them your services. REA are those people who can help you in getting a steady flow of business in the long term.

Dominating the Off-Season

We have seen that people are more interested in relocating when climate conditions are favorable instead of relocating in harsh and unsuitable weather. Moving companies can provide discounts to the people who will opt to move in during the off-season. In this way, moving companies can earn during the off-season too.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is yet another way of growing your business digitally. Start posting creative and engaging content about your moving business on your website. You can engage people on your website by writing articles and blogs on your website and helping people by answering common questions like when is the right time to move, how to pack the stuff while relocating, how prior should they book you, etc. In this way, people will find your company more reliable and transparent.

Bottom Line!!!

The above-discussed strategies are a great way to generate good revenues for your moving business. Internet has become the biggest way of marketing your services so focusing on internet marketing is a great idea.

About the author
Adam Torkildson
Adam Torkildson
Adam is a long-time resident of American Fork, UT. He serves in several local service organizations and advises several startups that he's invested in or founded.
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