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SCORE Treasure Coast Client Reviews

SCORE Treasure Coast has helped thousands of business founders fulfill their dreams to start, build & grow thriving businesses. Read their feedback and reviews below.

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The Women's Foundation is privileged to express its profound appreciation for our esteemed collaborator, SCORE Treasure Coast. Since our partnership began in 2021, SCORE Treasure Coast has delivered unparalleled assistance in our professional development programming, and was integral in the development of our Business Bootcamp Program.

SCORE Treasure Coast's impressive legacy of supporting over 12 million small businesses since 1964 is a testament to their dedication and proficiency. However, their contribution goes beyond mere numbers. Their breadth of engagement, encompassing a wide array of programming and mentoring initiatives, has profoundly enriched our work.

Our collaboration with SCORE Treasure Coast stands distinct from other partnerships due to the unique variety and quality of their offerings. From structured sessions on new business development and non-profit management to bringing in special guest speakers, their tireless efforts have enhanced the educational and inspirational value of our programs.

Our most recent collaboration, Building an Online Presence, brought an elevated dimension of learning for our participants, expanding their horizon in this digitally-driven era. The robust expertise and mentorship SCORE provides, coupled with the diverse content delivered, has significantly uplifted numerous members associated with our Business Bootcamp Programs.

In essence, our partnership with SCORE Treasure Coast is not simply a collaboration but a strategic alliance that deeply enhances our mission of empowering women entrepreneurs. The Women's Foundation looks forward to continually flourishing in this productive relationship, benefiting from the wealth of knowledge and dedication that SCORE Treasure Coast consistently offers.

We truly hope this testimonial underscores the immense appreciation and gratitude we hold for SCORE Treasure Coast and their invaluable contribution to our cause. We are confident that their involvement will further bolster our grant applications, demonstrating a solid partnership committed to women's entrepreneurial success.

I am writing this testimonial to express my deepest gratitude and admiration for the exceptional support and resources that you have provided to the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce of Treasure Coast (HACCOF-Treasure Coast). As the chairwoman of HACCOF-Treasure Coast, I have personally experienced the tremendous impact your organization has had on our community.

The commitment that your organization demonstrates towards empowering and uplifting the Haitian American business community is truly commendable. Through your comprehensive programs, tailored mentorship, and access to essential resources, you have played an integral role in fostering entrepreneurship and driving the success of entrepreneurs on the Treasure Coast. The in-person workhop "Overcome Under-Earning & Find Contentment in a Chaotic World" that was offered to our members was exceptional. Participants learned how to earn more professionally or in their business and live a more balanced life. Another great workshop was "Fix This Next - A Step by Step Approach to Fixing your Business." This was an incredible event because our members were able to get one-on-one coaching immediately after the presentation

The mentorship and guidance provided by your experienced team have been invaluable to our growth and success. Your mentors bring a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, providing tailored advice and guidance that addresses the specific challenges faced by entrepreneurs. The personalized attention and support they offer have been instrumental in helping our members overcome obstacles, make informed decisions, and achieve their business goals.

Thanks to your unwavering support, HACCOF-Treasure Coast has witnessed remarkable growth and impact. Our members have experienced increased visibility, expanded networks, and enhanced business opportunities.

On behalf of the HACCOF-Treasure Coast, I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation for the transformative impact your organization has had on our community. Your dedication to nurturing Haitian American-owned businesses and fostering economic empowerment is truly inspiring.

I wholeheartedly recommend SCORE Treasure Coast to any entrepreneur seeking a supportive and culturally sensitive environment to start or grow their business. Your organization's commitment, expertise, and genuine care for the success of small businesses make it an invaluable resource and partner for any aspiring entrepreneur.

Once again, thank you for the invaluable support you have provided to the Haitian American business community. We look forward to continuing our partnership and witnessing the continued growth and success of Haitian American-owned businesses with your unwavering support.

Canieria Gardner, CEO

Incubate Neighborhood Center

My name is Canieria Gardner, the Chief Executive Officer of Incubate Neighborhood Center (INC), whose purpose is to revitalize distressed communities of color. We are writing this letter in support of SCORE.

This strategic partnership between the INC and SCORE has cultivated an environment in which economically distressed businesses can thrive. SCORE provides business workshops on financial readiness and marketing. ln addition to workshops, they also provide business mentorship and support. By providing these high-quality resources and support to business owners, often results in higher retention in our Commerce Entrepreneurship Operations (CEO) program, and business bootcamps.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of SCORE for grant opportunities, their services are valued and needed in our community.

Together we can build something new!

Mario Jeanty

As a participant of the Search Engine Optimization webinar. I find the webinar very informative and wanted to receive a copy of the slides for further study. Thank you, Mitchel Slater, for your time and assistance

Esther Chin

Garden of Esther

My score mentor, Gary Mastro is amazing! My business has been a success mainly because of Gary's mentorship and guidance from the very beginning. Thank you for providing this amazing service to us!

Lisa & Ron Davidson

Exclusively Coastal

We participated in the following webinar, we loved it and give the presenter and A+! Online Webinar: How to use Email and Digital Marketing To Improve Sales -- 04/15/2020, Instructor: Sheena Graham.

Frog Prints Publishing, LLC

I sat with one of the mentors and was very satisfied with the information I got from him and the resources (classes) I was able to acquire from SCORE. If you are an Entrepreneur or looking to become one, I recommend you contact them.

Sarah Fisher

SCORE mentors are extremely helpful. They got us right on track and are very organized and responsive!

Workshop Attendee

Workshop: Creating a Marketing Plan

Thanks for your time...Best Spent $10 EVER, Stay Safe

I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Strouss was instrumental in guiding us through the challenges of ascertaining a PPP Loan these past weeks. We appreciate your taking the time to answer our initial telephone call and recommending him to us... we can't express just how much we appreciated your consideration and courtesy. FYI, we found out this morning we did qualify and will receive some relief for our small business. You're tops in our book. Thank you for going the extra mile for our small business.

James Can

ZiO Sportz

I'm writing to thank the consultants of my SCORE meeting this past Monday morning at the Indian River County Chamber. I enjoyed a truly professional experience and left with a clearer perspective regarding my business objectives. I also would like to specifically thank Gus Gregory for his advice and the local, successful contact he suggested. I did use that contact this week with excellent results. I have submitted the survey form and would keenly recommend your service to others. It has been very helpful, insightful, and informative and I look forward to visiting again.

Peter Ralli, J.D.

United Water Restoration

Nice work putting out a list of local banks who participate in PPP loans. Hopefully it will help other SCORE participants. I made the mistake of going with an online only provider during Round #1 of PPP. I and another franchise owner used them and got nothing. For Round #2, I used my current SBA lender which is a small bank in the mid-west. I have a loan # and have been sent to closing. I avoided the big banks that I have accounts with as I believe they would favor their larger clients.

Donna and Joe Timney

Delaware Chassis Works

My husband and I moved his business, Delaware Chassis Works from Delaware to Florida in 2017.  Coming from Delaware, we were not as familiar with sales tax as Delaware is a no sales tax state and we have been somewhat blindly participating in the reporting requirement.

We were notified by the Florida Department of Revenue that we are now required to start reporting Sales and Use Tax on a monthly basis rather than quarterly.  My husband has been handling this in the past but I have most recently taken over this portion of the business due to my recent retirement from my full-time position working for a national bank.

As we were walking through the process, his calculations of the sales tax he thought we were required to report for the month of January was over $800.00.  When I applied the knowledge I gained at the SCORE workshop Understanding Florida Sales and Use Tax, the actual amount we were required to report for the month of January was just over $64.00!   

Thank you, SCORE, for creating a better understanding of the Florida requirements so we can be knowledgeable participants in the process.

Tony Bishop

Connexis Search Group

I would like to recognize Michael and Martin for the fantastic coaching they are providing me. I own a recruiting firm and searched through SCORE's website to find someone with recruiting experience. I originally started working with Michael, and later he asked Martin to join our conversations.

These two gentlemen have helped me realize that in order to grow my business, I need to create a management structure and trust others to help me. After much coaching, I made the first step in creating a management team at the end of last year. I have delegated some of my responsibilities to two existing employees, creating more free time for me. I still have other functional areas that I need to hire (or promote from within) and will keep working through the process.

When you have done something the same way for so long—it is hard to change. Nice to have Michael and Martin challenging and coaching me through the process. I need someone to push me and they do! It is great to have two different personalities working with me as well—Michael is more strategic and Martin more tactical.

SCORE is an amazing service, and I thank all of you for volunteering your services to help others. Not many people in this world are that generous.

PS—I have paid coaches in the past, and their services did not come close to what Michael and Martin have done for me!

Casey McNeill

Bold City Therapy & Wellness

Approximately 6 months ago, in the midst of the overwhelming process of opening my own physical therapy clinic, my father reached out to me and mentioned I should check in to a website called SCORE. He said, "It is a company that has retired and existing Business Executives that are available to help for FREE". Of course, I was skeptical, usually, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Well, I was wrong, I searched the list of SCORE mentors and found Frank Tidikis a Mentor for SCORE Treasure Coast who had a good background in my field of business. Both SCORE and Frank were instrumental in assisting me get my clinic up and running. Whether it was something Frank knew from his successful history in the administrative medical field, or if he had to reach out to one of his friends, he never ceased to amaze me answering every one of my complex questions.

As a new business owner, my best advice to others hoping to open their own business is to lean on others who have been there and done that. SCORE has many mentors in a wide variety of fields that can assist you through the entire process. I can't say enough about what SCORE is doing for others, and about how helpful Frank has been from beginning to end. He truly was a blessing for me that got me somewhere I never could have without him. 

Thank you Frank Tidikis and thank you SCORE. From the bottom of my heart.

Angela Brazell

AABB Media and Marketing and Treasure Coast Minority Business Expo

Once you take the leap of faith to begin your business journey, your next step should be a meeting with a SCORE Mentor. They have the tools and expertise to guide you in the right direction and help you develop your concept into a living breathing action plan. Any new business owner should make SCORE their first step to ensure readiness and proof of concept.  An existing business that may need direction can benefit from a SCORE Mentor as well.  And the beauty of it all is that SCORE Mentors assist you Free of Charge. They helped me and I am better for it. I recommend SCORE to any entrepreneur or start-up.

Attend one of our workshops!

To learn more or to register for our next program click the following link to check our upcoming workshops. You will not be disappointed.


Simple Steps For Starting Your Business

Ajia Harris

Fort Pierce FL

I started my business 4 years ago and had to try to learn all the requirements, without support. Had I spent the time in a class like this I would have saved a lot of time and a lot of money. The classes broke down all of the factors that come along with being a business owner. I was pleased that we were able to interact as well as learn. My mentor, Bill Strouss has been excellent and was by my side to help with developing a far better plan when I relaunch my restaurant business... I recommend SCORE to anyone who is in business or trying to start a business to use the SCORE services beginning with the Simple Steps for Starting a business workshop.

Michelle Lutjen

Pt. St. Lucie FLL

For years I have wanted to go into my own business selling casual clothing and food products. Attending this workshop helped me realize I needed to take a different direction then I had planned to start my business. Had I not spent the time learning the financials and other requirements, I could have made a very costly mistake. This is a great program, with great instructors and Mentors willing to spend time with you. I highly recommend this workshop as a must for anyone wanting to start a business.

Doug Woodby

Vero Beach FL

I am preparing to purchase my own painting business, Had no idea of all of the requirements needed. Having attended the SCORE program I am more equipped to continue the process and found that the workshop series goes hand in hand with my preparation for my license and other start-up needs. Would not have been as prepared without these sessions.

Marketing in a Digital World

Jan Demko

President: A Mew With A View, Inc.

I enrolled in the 5-week Digital Media Marketing class presented by our local Treasure Coast SCORE in conjunction with the Indian River College’s CCTI center. I took the course to catch up on the latest trends in marketing with today’s technologies. The Instructors were energetic and professional. But, more importantly, they were extremely knowledgeable and experienced with each of the week’s topics. They easily explained, in plain language, how email formats, websites, and effective use of Social Media etc. could help find solutions for small businesses to launch and measure digital marketing campaigns. I would highly recommend this program for business owners of all levels. It was well worth the time, and very reasonable cost.

Anne Richter

Hassell Free Exports, Inc., Hassell Free Tile & Window

This course was invaluable in helping me to set up our email marketing and social media marketing campaigns. We have already seen positive results as compared to our initial email campaigns. I highly recommend this workshop to any small business owner.

Kelly Rica

This workshop was well organized, offered great insight on the How To’s of Digital Marketing. And doing it all in 5 sessions. I would highly recommend this course to any business or entrepreneur, it is eye-opening, well run and gets you motivated to “Do it right the first time” and make your business successful. Thank You.

Rhett Palmer

"The Mayor of the Airways"

Hear what Rhett Palmer has to say about SCORE Treasure Coast's first Marketing in a Digital World class.  "Highly recommend the first week, the first hour, I learned enough to pay for the entire 5-week course."

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