Buying and Leasing Commercial Real Estate

 Due diligence is key when buying or leasing commercial real estate to house your business. This program will cover the analysis and investigation needed before signing a commercial lease or buying a piece of commercial property.

This program will also be offered at other locations in Central Wisconsin.  

Marketing for Talent

Many people think of marketing their products and services, but what does it mean to market yourself? Learn how with a solid brand, a mobile friendly website, and video, you can help yourself stand out in this tight labor market and attract the talent you need.

This program will also be offered at other locations in Central Wisconsin.  

How to Hire Your First Employee

Listed below is a copy of the presentation deck for the How to Hire your First Employee Workshop


We encourage you to set up a one-on-one meeting with one of our SCORE Mentors after your workshop. Click here to find a mentor near you or to sign up for additional workshops.

50 Technology Tips for a Well-Run Business

From enabling communication and collaboration to streamlining operations and boosting productivity, choosing the right business technology will make your life easier. Here are 50 ways you can incorporate technology into your business—and give your company a competitive edge.

February 27: How the New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impacts Your Small Business

In this SCORE webinar, CPA and tax consultant Micah Fraim will explain major changes to corporate taxes, adjustments to business deductions and credits, the expansion of some individual deductions and elimination of others, and more.

Checklist for an Effective Sales Meeting

The more time your sales team spends in meetings, the less time they have available to actually sell. Download this checklist to prepare for and lead an effective sales meeting—one that gets maximum results in minimum time.