Dignity in the Workplace

Joe Kiedinger has been studying communication methods of great companies since the 1990s. Through his journey, Joe identified that each of these companies were lead with a Servant Leadership Management style. One ingredient of this that stood out above the rest... dignity.
Event Details:
11:00-11:15   Registration and networking
11:15-12:00   Lunch (Tenderloin tips, salad bar, and dessert; cost is $12)
12:00-1:00     Workshop
About Joe Kiedinger

Small Business Financials

Description:  This workshop focuses on the strategic process of managing the financial resources of a small business. You will learn about the importance and basic elements of creating a budget, recording financial transactions, creating a financial statement, and other fundamental entrepreneurial responsibilities.

Small Business Supply Chain Strategies

Description:  This workshop will focus on strategies and solutions for bringing products and services to market while assessing and mitigating supply chain risks.  This is a highly interactive session to provide expertise and support for participants looking to solve real business challenges.  Some of the topics being covered include:

- 3PLs
- Product Sourcing
- Inventory Management
- Local Supply Chain
- Building A Global Supply Chain
- Upcoming SCORE Supply Chain Events