Do You Have the Mindset and Skills to be an Entrepreneur?

You probably already know that starting a small business requires extensive research and analysis of many factors. But the one requiring the most critical assessment is often overlooked by many entrepreneurs. And, it’s as close as the nearest mirror.

That’s because wanting to be an entrepreneur is one thing; being one is quite another. You will take on responsibilities and commitments far different from those of an employee, even if you have management experience. It’s a challenge that can be exhilarating and rewarding. Unless you’re prepared mentally and emotionally, however, it can also be overwhelming. 

Before you study financing options and plan store layouts, sit down and conduct a probing interview with yourself to see if you’re the right person for the all-important job of entrepreneur-owner-boss.


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Maryland Intellectual Property Legal Resource Center (MIPLRC)

Mission Established in 2002 to educate law students, entrepreneurs, and the community about the legal aspects of intellectual property. . As part of its mission, the MIPLRC also provides free legal services on intellectual property and related matters to emerging technology companies and explores relevant legal, ethical and policy issues in the high technology and intellectual property areas.

Link: Maryland Intellectual Property Legal Resource Center

Business Health Checkup

Questionnaire for ascertaining the general overall business condition in terms of financial, management, marketing, and customer relationship strengths/weaknesses.