Non-profit SCORE’s goal is to help you make the profit

This week Palm Beach SCORE's own Bob Naples was Featured on in an article by Palm Beach Post staff writer Antonio Fins titled "Non-profit SCORE’s goal is to help you make the profit". Give it a read below.

“Successful Small Business Management” Workshops

Attend Cape Cod SCORE’s “Successful Small Business Management” Workshops - recognized as the "go to" source for anyone running a company or starting a business

A series of 6 Weekly - 2 Hour Workshop Discussions, to learn the Skills of Managing and Growing  your Business, featuring:

Infographic: Happy Customers—A Win for Small Business!

Our latest infographic details the growing importance of positive customer service on business success.

Managing Leave Time

On January 1, New York companies and not for profits will be required to provide paid family leave to their employees, regardless of the size of the employer.  This paid family leave is in addition to existing employer requirements for family medical leave, short-term disability leave and worker’s compensation.  Unfortunately, New York’s new paid family leave program does not fit seamlessly over these other programs.  Join Jaci Kelleher for an informative session on employer’s new obligations under New York’s paid family leave law, and what employers can do to incorporate this new program i