How to Pump New Life into Your Business

By taking a hard look at a few key places, you can put a re-energizing plan in place to breathe new life into your business.

Communication is Key to Keeping Employees Motivated

Getting ready to hire your first employees? Congratulations! You’re contributing to the long-standing role of small business as the primary generator of new jobs in the U.S., not to mention enhancing your locality’s own economic profile and your customer service capabilities as well.

There’s no shortage of administrative issues you’ll have to consider—payroll, work hours, operational procedures, etc. But you should also think about how you’ll keep your newfound staff motivated so that they’ll continually give their best effort and keep your small business growing.

The Ethical Workplace: Easy to Say, More Difficult to Do

Whenever there’s news of a corporate financial scandal, dishonesty, a negligence lawsuit, we wonder why doing the right thing is so difficult. In truth, it isn’t. Most of the time, businesses of all sizes treat their customers, employees, suppliers, and colleagues with honesty and integrity. Yet the temptation to cut corners or say something known not to be entirely accurate is always there, particularly when one rationalizes it as “just this once.”

Leadership Is Essential To Small Business Success

Do an Internet search on “leadership” and you’ll find no shortage of articles, books, and quotes about what it takes to be a successful leader. That’s because no two leaders, or leadership situations, are alike. Each of us brings different skills, talents, and experiences to the table. How we apply them depends very much on the circumstances at hand. So while people like Theodore Roosevelt, General George Marshall, or Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates are all considered great leaders, their respective approaches to particular problems might have been quite different.