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Human resources and employee management are two things that become increasingly important as your business grows. But learning and understanding how to handle the human resources of your expanding company is best learned before you are forced to do it on the job.

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7 Questions Every Small Business That Hires Employees Will Have to Answer

Small business in the 21st century is about being exempt or non-exempt, paying workers’ compensation premiums, deciding whether your business can afford to offer health insurance, and helping employees prepare for retirement. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the answers to the seven questions in this book, you’ll have the information to quickly and more effectively deal with employee issues, so you can focus on why you went into business in the first place. Read more!


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Staying Afloat in the Sea of Employment Regulations

Keeping tabs on frequent changes in employment laws can be time-consuming and confusing for business owners. While managing the multiple priorities of running a business, employers must also make sure that they are meeting applicable federal and state agency requirements. Every year, the federal government alone proposes approximately 150 new rules that cost business owners over $100 million per rule in compliance costs. To avoid violations, employers must be alert to changes pertaining to laws and regulations related to their businesses. Learn More!


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Top 10 HR Issues: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

Managing a business keeps you busy enough. How can you also stay up to date with ever-changing labor laws and regulations? View this free workshop, presented by Paychex, where you will learn to assess your level of HR compliance within your organization. Take the Workshop Now!


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How to Avoid 10 Payroll Mistakes That Cost Businesses Money

Each year, businesses pay millions of dollars in compliance penalties to government agencies. And those agencies are becoming ever more vigilant about enforcing regulations. This free workshop will help you take the necessary steps to stay on top of changing payroll, employment, and benefits regulations, avoid needless penalties and gain greater peace of mind. Take the Workshop Now!

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Daniel Kehrer shares the top business energy drains and what you can do to fix them.

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