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Three Ways to Connect with Clients
by Sarah George
August 1, 2021
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Whether you are just starting your business or you have a longstanding client-base, you can grow by deepening relationships with your current network. Connective Consulting focuses on strategies that go deeper, not wider, when it comes to casting your marketing net. You already have a captive audience, it’s your clients. But they can’t keep buying the same thing from me, you say. How do I grow my business with them? Here are 3 strategies to deepen your relationships with prospects and clients:

1. Ask

Do not assume that once someone has purchased from you, they want no more. In fact, the opposite is true. Once people buy from you they are saying I know, like, and/or trust you. Your job is to ask them, what is the next thing I can help you with? Also ASK for referrals. Another assumption to avoid is that your clients know you take referrals. As far as they know you are at capacity or only work with “certain” clients. Clients are the best referral source.

2. Tell

Tell your clients other ways you serve. They worked with you doing one aspect of your business, are there other areas you can help them in? Have you expanded your services lately? Keep your clients in the know with what you do so they are aware you can make life for them (and people in their life) better.

3. Listen

Marketing is “Listen, and repeat.” Your clients will tell you what they want if you listen. At each interaction you have, listen for cues of future wants, hints of current wants, desires of unsettled needs. Take notes, you will get your marketing messages from listening. You get useful feedback on your services from what your clients say. Give them a platform to speak up by asking for a review or a sending a survey. Then use the information you hear to make yourself, your business, and your impact better.

Check out Connective Consulting for more information.

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Sarah George
Sarah George
Sarah George is a creative marketing genius who helps businesses and organizations create strategies that engage their clients and customers to foster business growth.
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