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Never Buy Instagram Followers and Likes!
by Marcie Wolf
March 18, 2023
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You might think having a large following on Instagram will make your business look more credible. If you have more followers, that means you’re more popular, right? To get more followers, why not take a shortcut and purchase Instagram followers?

Don’t do it. Buying likes from an outside source is deceptive and shady. It’s the wrong way to grow your follower numbers, much less get more likes on your posts. If you’re thinking about buying followers to fool your audience or to establish social proof, just don’t do it.

Yeah, But My Competition Just Gained Big Numbers!

If a competitor suddenly gained thousands of followers in one day, is it because one of their posts went viral? Nope. They bought Instagram followers.

If that same competitor suddenly goes from a few likes per post to hundreds of likes per post, is it because one of their posts went viral? Nope. They bought Instagram likes.

When your competitor bought all those likes, all they did was increase the number of likes that appear on their posts. They bought spam accounts to add likes to their posts. They will never increase their sales because what they purchased are not potential customers. They’re not even real people.

What Do I Get When I Buy Followers and Likes?

When you buy Instagram followers, you pay for a number alone. You are not purchasing real human followers who care about you. The followers you just purchased are either bots or inactive Instagram accounts. Engagement from these “bought” accounts is not guaranteed, or even likely.

And the comments are bad! Fake likes come with spammy comments that don’t make any sense. A bot leaves a canned comment that doesn’t translate well, or the comment isn’t even relevant to your post content. These comments make your posts – and your profile – look bad.

Does Instagram Even Care?

Oh yeah, the platform cares. Instagram is looking to maintain genuine interactions on its site. They want to protect real accounts and promote real experiences. Buying fake followers and fake activity goes against their mission.

Plain and simple, Instagram doesn’t like it when you buy followers or likes through an outside source. When they find out, they can ban your account. If you lose your Instagram account, followers and likes no longer matter.

Follow Instagram’s Community Guidelines for the Win!

Sure, buying followers for your Instagram account sounds super tempting. The truth is it will do you more harm than good. Plus, buying likes and followers is an act of deception that some may consider to be unethical. Your credibility just went out the window.

Use Instagram to build genuine relationships with your followers. Create posts and graphics that make them engage by liking and commenting and sharing. Focus on having fun while following Instagram’s Terms of Service. This way you won’t risk getting your account shut down for being naughty!

About the author
Marcie Wolf
Marcie Wolf
Marcie Wolf, owner of Abuzz Creative, has almost 25 years of experience in website design, search engine optimization, e-commerce, and local SEO.
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