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Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas
Three Great Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas

When it comes to the Thanksgiving holiday, this is always a great time of year to spend with family and friends, as well as think about all of the things in your life that you're grateful for. On the other hand, it's also the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping season, and current estimates show that upwards of 158.3 million people will shop online during Thanksgiving weekend. Small business owners should never miss out on what could the largest shopping weekend of the year. Here are three great marketing ideas to consider for Thanksgiving.

Email Marketing Austin
Three Important Email Marketing Campaigns to Consider Using

Marketing Email Austin TX. When it comes to email marketing campaigns, these are things that are much more calculated and strategic than you may think – they aren't launched simply on a whim. There are many different types of email marketing campaigns that your company should consider using; however, it's important to keep in mind that each brand is totally different, meaning that you will need to consider your specific strategy accordingly.

end of summer marketing ideas
Three Great End-of-Summer Marketing Ideas

End-of-Summer Marketing Ideas (AUSTIN, TX) - With the summer season soon to be coming to a close, as well as depending on the current location of your small business, chances are you will end up noticing a change regarding your customer base, as well as exactly how often they're visiting your business. No matter what your situation may be, there are always some great ideas to help with promoting your business during this time of year.

SCORE home business
Three Tips to Help Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Business Tips For Entrepreneurs in Austin: Generally defined, an entrepreneur is an individual who is able to come up with all kinds of different services, products, or ideas that can help to solve many problems around the world. Becoming an entrepreneur is a process that can be different for everyone; however, those who are successful in this journey will need to prepare themselves to receive all kinds of criticism and failure along the way, which can be useful in terms of continuously improving themselves and learning.

holiday marketing ideas
Four Useful Holiday Marketing Ideas to Increase Year-End Sales

When it comes to the holiday season, this is the time of year in which everyone tends to get into the mood to try and get their loved ones to smile as much as possible. It's also the one time of year when a vast majority of individuals begin all of their holiday shopping as well. This year, however, things will continue to be different due to the overall effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic on general consumer behavior, thereby making it the perfect time to begin preparations involving holiday marketing ideas.

Four Free Small Business Marketing Ideas to Consider Trying

The one way to ensure that your business is able to be successful is to get the word out about it. One of the best ways to do this is to come up with all kinds of free marketing ideas in order to help bring in all kinds of new customers. These ideas can mean all kinds of different things, such as public relations, advertising, sales, and so much more. However, there are so many different marketing ideas for small businesses nowadays, but thankfully, not all of them are expensive, meaning that if you're working with a slim or nonexistent budget, you can still be successful in coming up with

Three Great Small Business Marketing Ideas for the Fall

When it comes to the fall season, there's a great deal more involved than just cooler weather and football games. The season itself is also an amazing marketing opportunity for many small business owners, such as attracting all sorts of new customers and doing everything that you can to make your current ones feel special during the run-up to the forthcoming holiday season.

small business mentor
Four Steps to Help Build a Great Business Strategy

Oftentimes, we experience many CEOs who are always starved for time and stressed; however, there are also many who have become entranced by various strategic templates that are rather easy to use, yet also result in a quick-and-dirty type of business strategy. Downloading a template, however, can end up leading to more short-sighted thinking and strategies that end up getting executed poorly.

company retention
Three Ways to Focus on Renewals For Your Company

In the event that renewals are something that is considered to be a major focus of the sales success of your business, this means that it's important for you to take strategic steps in order to ensure that these types of retention efforts actually take place, as well as ensure that all of your customers are always kept in the fold. Thankfully, there are many different strategies that you can adopt in order to ensure that you are able to build up a culture that is focused solely on retaining and renewing customers.

Create a minimalist office to maximize business

I often meet other entrepreneurs who struggle with their daily routines, perceived messes and lack of systems. When we get lost in the disorder of things, we lose potential revenue. However, there is much we can do to clear our heads, let the ideas flow and give ourselves the structure to grow our businesses. In other words, a minimalist office that can help us set the stage for our “show.”

The minimalist office space is not built on the aesthetic of a small, clear, white desk with a sleek laptop. That may be a part of it but should not alone be the goal.

Having a minimalist attitude is

Common mistakes employers make with at-will employment in Texas

Texas law permits private employers and nonprofit organizations to offer at-will employment – a term used to refer to an employment arrangement in which either party may terminate the relationship at any time without cause. Unfortunately, some employers make mistakes that make it difficult for them to enforce at-will employment relationships.

One of the most common errors businesses make when creating an initial job offer letter or agreement is to state an annual salary. This creates an issue in an at-will arrangement because a business can become liable for the full annual salary if it

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