Zepher’s history dates back to 2002 when engineer Jaime Mack founded a structural composites engineering company. Soon after, she was asked to take a lead role as an engineering design lead, and her husband, Andy, took the helm at Zepher. He repurposed it as a contract manufacturer, working closely with the aerospace industry. Zepher specializes in solutions for unmanned aircraft.

“Since we are involved in technology development for government agencies, unmanned systems, and commercial aerospace, we need to remain on the cutting edge of knowledge and continually improve our execution speed to match the fast pace of market change,” Adam Stolz, customer program manager, says. 

While Mack and the Zepher team were well versed in analyzing new opportunities and maintaining the company’s competitive edge, Mack sought help in attracting new customers to his growing endeavor.

My successes. 

Since working with Bunyard, Stolz reports a 30 percent increase in hiring and a 30 percent increase in Zepher’s customer base. “Our growth projects for the coming years are significant as well,” he notes.

“I feel stronger as a professional in this industry and in my role within the company,” Stolz says. “I am excited to continue working with Larry. We still have more to improve upon, and I still have more to learn from SCORE.”

How SCORE helped. 

Mack met SCORE mentor Larry Bunyard at a Portland-area economic development event, and introduced Bunyard to Stolz. The pair scheduled one-on-one meetings to determine the most valuable way to present Zepher for new customer opportunities. Over the course of three years, Bunyard helped Stolz develop value statements, capabilities statements, marketing materials and communications strategies. “Larry has helped me gain confidence in our company’s position, message, terminology, objectives, and process,” Stolz says.


My Mentors