This Company is owned and operated by a family that was once big tobacco farmers in Canada and who later migrated to the U.S. to start an organic fertilizer manufacturing business. The formulas for their products were developed by the family and are sold under the trademark of CropMaster. They also manufacture standard and special blends for distributors under numerous private labels; labels UAS designs, prints and sells at a profit to their distributors and agents. One source of new revenue is the manufacturing, sales and distribution of a foam product that is sprayed on fruit and citrus to protect it against frost. The company not only receives revenues from the sale of this product but also from the sale of various sizes of applicators.

The Pescenka family has an excellent reputation in the market place as an honest and trustworthy business-family who manufactures products that are “green” and not harmful to the soil. For this reason, they are continuously expanding their market share in North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle-East and Asia.
How SCORE helped. 

SCORE's first counseling session with this client was held on March 31, 2000 and since then, through face-to-face, telephone and e-mail contacts, we have provided over 200 mentoring sessions. Chapter 439 often provides team-counseling whereby the team is made up of the counselor(s) of record and co-counsels who provide specialized counseling in their areas of expertise. However, there are four members who have regularly provided counseling during the past nine years.

William Dalton – advised the clients to branch out from their Florida ole-boy citrus market network into the international fertilizer market of all agricultural products. He particularly advised the family to look into other markets that could utilize their organic fertilizer, such as golf courses, parks and amusement parks. He introduced the clients to the system of selling through manufacturer’s reps and product distributors. He has continued to advise them on marketing matters and general business issues.

Arthur (Hap) Fairman – helped the client develop pricing formula and policies; secure bank financing, lines of credit and letters of credit. He set up and participated in the interview of several banks and recommended a new bank for their business accounts and financing. Hap helped the clients negotiate their building loan at an outstanding interest rate. He has continued to advise them on financial matters.

Ellie Hollis – scrapped the UAS computerized accounting system, redeveloped a new corporate chart of accounts and accounting system and assisted in cleaning up the company’s accounting practices. In time, Ellie interviewed and assisted in the hiring and training of a new secretary/bookkeeper.
Howard Smith - introduced the concept of private labeling through a stable of worldwide distributorships. He also counseled on general management and human resources issues, and INS problems and visa concerns. He reorganized the corporate secretary’s records, to include formalizing minutes of all stockholders, board of directors and management meetings. Howard continues to provide counseling on general business issues and concerns of the client.

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UAS (United Agricultural Services) of America