Jackie Green was gainfully employed as the Corporate Manager of a manufacturing plant when the economy took a turn for the worse and she suddenly found herself without a job. A successful combination of her need to make ends meet, her love of baking and her grandmother’s classic, delicious recipes resulted in her decision to start Sweet Cheeks Bakery. All that was left was the roadmap of how to get there and the money to make it happen. She turned to SCORE to help her create a business plan and prepare to apply for financing.

My successes. 

Sweet Cheeks has achieved great success baking specialty cakes, southern style pies and mouthwatering pastries out of Jackie’s certified kitchen (ServSafe Certified, licensed with Wake County and certified with North Carolina Department of Agriculture). The business has been featured in numerous publications including a feature in a “Best Pie” search of the Triangle area and the title of “Best of Holly Springs.” Sweet Cheeks continues to cater parties and private special events and has even secured supply contracts with local Whole Foods and Ben & Jerry’s locations. Jackie is investigating the potential of a storefront location and hopes to expand into this new business realm soon.

What's great about my mentor? 

Of her mentor, Peter Klyne, Jackie says, "Pete used his skills to help me take my business to the next level." She credits Peter’s extensive background in planning, distribution, inventory control and purchasing with immensely aiding in growing the business and developing ongoing relationships with major food industry companies. The pair continues to meet regularly and celebrate the successes they have achieved together. “I run everything by Pete,” Jackie says, “I can get so wrapped up in the business that I only see one side. Pete helps me thing through and see both sides.”

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