In 2016, Jim Mauro knew he wanted to buy a business, but didn’t know quite where to start. Through working with a SCORE mentor, he settled on a well-established company: a wholesale men’s accessories distributor. The company, Status Men’s Accessories, had launched 20 years earlier as the men’s division of a women’s apparel company.

My successes. 

Mauro successfully purchased the business and now sells products to retailers like DSW, K&G, Belk, Amazon, Zappos, and thousands of independent men’s stores

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE mentor Peter Ryerson pointed Mauro in the right direction with an aggressive networking campaign. The goal, Ryerson told Mauro, was to meet 3,000 people. He started by introducing Mauro to three people, who then helped Ryerson connect with many more. Through this campaign, Mauro was able to find both a business partner and the right company to purchase, laying the groundwork for his success.

Mauro also credits Ryerson with helping him think through his strategy beyond the purchase. He says, “Peter helped me develop a Life Plan which laid the foundation for my future.”

Key Topics

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