Sometimes being a David in a Goliath world has its advantages. Just ask Sam and Cindy Cook, the owners of Seimitsu, a niche company offering full-service IT services. The company owns a 40-mile fiber-optic cable loop that encircles Savannah, Georgia. This enables them to offer clients high-speed mass data transmission, an important service for hospitals, colleges, and financial and service organizations. Rather than going head-to-head with the large telecommunications companies, Seimitsu partners with national carriers and targets underserved areas, with special attention to opportunities in which Sam can make use of his technical expertise and marketing acumen. 

My successes. 

Since starting in 1984, Seimitsu has grown to include a staff of 20 technical, construction and marketing personnel. The company has also built up a substantial customer base of long-term clients, and has achieved positive financial results.

How SCORE helped. 

Sam turned to the SCORE advisory board run by his local chapter because he wanted a broader view of where his business was going and how to achieve his goals. The board functions much like a traditional board of directors, but without fiduciary responsibilities. After each quarterly meeting, the team gives Seimitsu a report highlighting key areas covered and recommended actions. Sam says, “SCORE has helped us do the right things and to do things right.”

Key Topics