Ellen Tatro Majka helps simplify the lives of medical personnel through retail. Her business, The Scrub Peddler, sells uniforms and comfortable shoes to members of the medical community by going on-site to where they work. The mobility of her company means that physicians and nurses don’t have to take time out of their hectic schedules to purchase new apparel. Instead, she brings needed products to medical group practices, nursing facilities and hospitals.

My successes. 

Tatro Majka’s business has grown quickly since she started in 2014, enabling her to expand her business to multiple medical facilities. She has also diversified her product offerings to include lab coats, socks and slippers. The Scrub Peddler also hosts fundraisers to benefit the local medical community.

How SCORE helped. 

Tatro Majka has a comprehensive background in retail, but she needed help getting her business off the ground. Tatro Majka’s SCORE mentor, Charlie Johnson, helped guide her through the process of getting a company up and running. Johnson also introduced her to a contact who has acted as a liaison between The Scrub Peddler and medical establishments. This networking helped jump-start Tatro Majka’s ability to secure sales locations.

Tatro Majka encourages entrepreneurs to keep focused on progress. “Even if it’s a part-time side hustle, do something every single day to propel your business forward. Make a phone call, send an email, talk to customers, and it will evolve faster than you think,” she says.

The Scrub Peddler