While attending a local business networking event, Helium Flash CEO Tristan Chitty heard SCORE mentioned as a resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Tristan decided to contact the local Orlando chapter for advice on how to reinvigorate his technology company, which provides clients with efficient and cost-effective Web solutions.

My successes. 

While Helium Flash had long-term customers and revenue, sales were flat and new customers were lacking. To find a business solution for this challenge, Tristan turned to SCORE.

Thanks to SCORE and our mentors Helium Flash started a new growth course that brought us new clients and high revenue growth.

How SCORE helped. 

Tristan says, “I credit SCORE with a lot of our success. They made us ask the right questions about our business and set us on a new course that brought us new clients and high revenue growth.”

What's great about my mentor? 

Tristan and Derek Francis, Helium Flash’s manager of business development, first worked with SCORE Mentor Louis Kickhofel. After learning about their situation, Louis realized that Helium Flash needed to address partnership issues before it could move forward.

Louis felt Tristan and Derek needed to step back and look at the big picture. “They had to focus more on their vision,” Louis says. “They needed to identify steps they could take in the immediate future and in the months to come to get their business moving.” Louis gave them financial and operations advice to better manage and grow the business.

Next, Tristan and Derek met with SCORE Mentor Ken Peach, an expert on communications and marketing issues. Ken worked with them to ask the right questions about the advantages of using their products. “In my opinion, it’s important to differentiate what you do and create a unique customer experience.”