Mark Collins, the founder of Plant Group Hawaii, traveled to over 50 countries and gave scientific names to dozens of rare plant species. Now his children run the company based on his vision but with a new focus on conservation. They collect and conserves rare plants from tropical locations around the world and sells them to U.S. collectors, botanical gardens, and enthusiasts. In doing so, they ensure that rare and valuable plant species will continue to exist, even if their habitats are destroyed.

My successes. 

SCORE and Sam’s Club selected Plant Group Hawaii as an American Small Business Champion in 2017. The business won a $1,000 Sam’s Club gift card and an all-expenses paid training and networking trip to Dallas, Texas. They will also receive mentoring and publicity throughout the year.

How SCORE helped. 

After receiving the American Small Business Champion award in 2017, the company used the money they won to defray the cost of office supplies. Therefore, they could budget for a longer trip to Thailand, where they found rare gingers growing near the Myanmar border.

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