After years of freelancing and a failed partnership, Nicole Williams figured out her dream job — rather, her dream business. She created Nicole Williams Collective, a multicultural communications agency helping clients with branding, public relations, digital marketing, event planning, and more. Her company’s strategic, creative tactics empower clients in the private and nonprofit sectors alike.

“I sought out mentoring because while I’m a strategic thinker, I don’t always see myself,” Williams says. “Additionally, I was at a point where I had a lot happening and needed someone with major business management experience.” She came to SCORE hoping a mentor would offer guidance from their own experiences to help take her “over the hump.”

My successes. 

“Steve helps me break out of my comfort zone,” Williams says.

Martin advised Williams to trademark a phrase she used frequently and for which she had created some merchandise. She turned the Fabulously Fearless Project into an entire sub-brand of her company to build a community to support women and girls in learning their personal value. 

How SCORE helped. 

Williams met with volunteer Steve Martin through video mentoring. “When I first connected with Steve I knew right then that he was the perfect mentor for me,” she says. Martin helped Williams tweak her brand and think about ways to scale it. “After each session, I would implement, test, and note my results over a period of time before scheduling another appointment to check in and assess.”

Nicole Williams Collective