With more than 25 years of experience in medical insurance, Adria Gross is now the CEO and founder of two businesses assisting people with their medical bills: MedWise Billing, started in 2006, and MedWise Insurance Advocacy, launched in 2012. 

Gross is a New York-licensed insurance broker and consultant, with certification in medical billing and medical claims consulting. Her extensive experience “educated me to save millions of dollars for people annually involving medical claims that are denied, overcharged, out of network or going nowhere.”

My successes. 

“My business has increased with the marketing and advertising assistance” Gross has received from SCORE, she says. “Without this advice, my business would not be increasing. Gross’s two businesses have been highlighted by the Huffington Post, USA Today, and Fox News. 

She appreciates the availability of SCORE mentors and mirrors their goodwill in her own business, offering above-and-beyond support and assistance to all customers and potential customers in every way that she can.

How SCORE helped. 

Gross has been using SCORE resources for at least 11 years, and says she is extremely grateful for not only the knowledge of the mentors and the content available to her, but also for the many connections she has been able to establish.

She meets with volunteer mentor Edison Guzman several times each month, focusing primarily on advertising and marketing development. “I have been blessed with a very knowledgable and experienced mentor,” Gross says.

Key Topics

MedWise Billing and MedWise Insurance Advocacy