By the time former New York City high-school teacher Sharon McKenzie saved enough money to buy her first house, she found herself out of cash to furnish it. A friend advised her to check secondhand stores and estates sales, and McKenzie was surprised by the bargains she could find. “Fast forward, my house was fully furnished and I was still going to these sales,” McKenzie says. When a neighbor asked for help selling the furniture in her own home, McKenzie realized her passion for scouting antiques could become a business.

McKenzie Estate Sales & Auctions specializes in professional estate and household sales. McKenzie is a graduate of the Reppert School of Auctioneering.

My Successes: 

“Bob’s suggestion with the testimonials was great!” McKenzie says. “Many new clients state one of the reasons they call me is after they read the testimonials, they are impressed.” She says Wolk’s guidance is “so welcoming and valuable.”

How SCORE Helped: 

McKenzie attended a SCORE workshop at the library near her in Toms River, New Jersey. The class focused on marketing, which inspired McKenzie to create signs and uniform shirts to help shoppers get to know her business. She also worked with mentor Bob Wolk, who gave feedback as McKenzie updated her website. Wolk advised McKenzie to add customer testimonials to her homepage to promote her credibility.

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