Stacey Payne founded LYFE Recovery Services, a residential treatment program that brings together a spectrum of providers to help people create lasting change in their lives, in 2017. LYFE’s clientele includes people with substance abuse issues, individuals facing chronic homelessness, and people with complex mental health challenges. Prior to starting her own facility, Payne worked for 12 years in the substance treatment field.

At LYFE, clients receive affordable, long-term supportive housing with wraparound services. The LYFE recovery model keeps individuals engaged enough, for long enough, to start down a path to a different future. Individualized plans can include nutrition counseling, psychotherapy, financial literacy classes and life skills training.

My successes. 

Since the launch of the business in January 2017, LYFE has grown to include 10 locations and has built up a strong client referral network. They have streamlined operations by identifying staff strengths and placing staff members in roles in which they will be effective. Payne has created a brand that is a recognized leader in her field, and she is poised to expand into multiple states over the next year. LYFE was also named a finalist in the 2018 American Small Business Championship. 

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE mentors John Strom and Sam Schall helped Payne write a successful business plan and set clear goals for growth. Strom also helped Payne identify staff strengths.

Payne says, “Each week we leave our meeting with a clear action plan … The dedication my mentor has to seeing us succeed helps us stay a solid course.”

LYFE Recovery Services