While managing the men’s lacrosse team at college, Lauren Farrell noticed that female fans were searching for ways to show both style and team spirit without necessarily wearing T-shirts and jerseys. “I myself was tired of wearing the same four T-shirts,” she recalls.

Toward the end of her senior year, Farrell, who has long had a passion for entrepreneurship, developed a patented wrist wallet that looks like a cuff bracelet. She was doing research on how to market her cuff bracelet for GameDay when she realized something: “It was glaringly obvious that there were no handbags that met many of the stadium bag policy requirements at the collegiate and national levels, nor were they fashion-forward or functional.” 

Farrell decided to pivot to handbags, designing a line that is sporty, fashionable and functional. Each stadium-approved purse is made in the United States with high-quality materials like Italian leather. The popularity of the bags inspired Farrell to expand into apparel as well – and even shoes – giving fans a broad range of stylish options for wearing team colors.

“My long-term goal is to bring the world of fashion to the world of sports,” Farrell says.

My successes. 

Farrell’s handbags have been featured in People En Español and Accessories magazines. In July 2018, the first retail collegiate store began carrying her handbags.

How SCORE helped. 

Farrell sought out SCORE because, she says, “I was at a point where the people in my immediate circle just didn’t get it and were not able to coach or offer the advice an entrepreneur needs because it is such a unique path and overall mindset.” She began meeting with SCORE mentor Ken Narod; a year later, the two are still in continuous communication through phone and email. They also meet in person when the need arises.

Narod helped Farrell achieve her primary goal of getting her items sold at a retail location. He also sends her SCORE resources and information about local events, where Farrell has been able to learn and network. Farrell says, “SCORE has been a wonderful resource in the fact that I have a place I know I can go to get information, a listening ear, or solution.”

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