Adam Kaplan has been helping friends and family improve their careers since the mid-90s. In 2011, he decided to use his passion for matching opportunity to talent to found his own recruiting firm, Kaplan Executive Search.

Kaplan specializes in recruiting top talent for lower middle market companies, family businesses, and companies that use the Entrepreneurial Operating System. He focuses on recruiting chief operating officers for businesses in which CEOs are frustrated by lack of team accountability and concerned about company performance.

My successes. 

Kaplan has created a four-step recruiting process for hiring top talent and has developed his recruiting niche through strategic marketing. Since launching, his business has grown to include two employees.

How SCORE helped. 

Kaplan wanted a mentor who understood his industry and with whom he felt a personal connection. He found that in SCORE mentor Ron Witzke, a former vice president of human resources who had worked at growing businesses. Witzke has helped Kaplan with finding his target market, hiring employees and pricing.

Kaplan says, “Ron Witzke and I have spoken weekly for the better part of the last 5+ years since utilizing this service. I look forward to our conversations, and rely on Ron’s advice and judgment.”

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