Maxie Gluckman’s experience as a Teach for America elementary school teacher and an intern with the Department of Education inspired her to do more to increase literacy rates and encourage education equality.

She founded Instructural LLC, an education consulting company that offers an English as a Second Language (ESL) e-learning program to assist adult learners develop their social and business English skills. Her company supports bilingualism as a tool for academic and professional growth.

My successes. 

Gluckman has increased her business’s market presence with the help of press interviews and media mentions. She’s also increased Instructural’s number of contracts, adding four clients in just six months. Gluckman was named a SAM’s Club American Small Business Champion and received the 2015 SCORE Awards Outstanding Young Entrepreneur Award. 

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE mentor Karen Williams has pushed Gluckman to think outside the box and stay motivated through the early stages of her business growth. “No question is too trivial and every level of success is celebrated,” Gluckman says. “There are certain tricks to the trade, connections, and lessons learned that only come from time and experience. Knowing that SCORE mentors have been through the journey I am just now beginning builds my confidence that I am not in it alone.”

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