When the company where Vontrice Wilson worked went under, she used her 14 years of bartending experience to create her own business. The inspiration to strike out on her own started when family members, friends, and acquaintances began contacting Wilson to ask for cocktail recipes, bartending, and advice on what tools and services they needed to plan a successful event.

Now she and her employees provide the newest cocktails, mocktails, and on-the-spot creations at reasonable prices. Her staff includes waiters, hosts, bartenders, and bottle girls.

My successes. 

Wilson has successfully launched, hired a full staff, and built up a client base through word of mouth and online marketing. Her business is also now fully insured.

How SCORE helped. 

Wilson went to SCORE workshops and networking events and met frequently with SCORE mentor Becky Bywater as her business grew. Wilson says, “SCORE helped my business grow tremendously, providing leads and many network opportunities. During one of the networking sessions, I was able to connect with a company that provided business insurance which in turn expanded my service market availability.”

She advises other small business owners to seek out SCORE. “They have excellent mentors that will definitely provide much needed information and guidance,” Wilson says.

Her Classy Cocktail Services

My Mentors