Boyd Bissell was a restaurateur when his competitors started asking to buy his dinner rolls. “I quickly learned the bread business was more profitable than the restaurant business,” he recalls. 

Learning how to forge relationships with stores and distribute bread was a new challenge for Bissell. But Heidelberg Bread Company has been in the bread business for more than 30 years — and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Heidelberg Bread Company bakes and distributes artisan bread directly to grocery stores and institutions. The company also has a bakery store and outlet, where customers can pick up a variety of breads and pastries.

My successes. 

“SCORE’s business plan advice resulted in a loan to build a new factory,” Bissell says. 

Heidelberg Bread Company needed assistance in accessing a USDA guarantee. Mentors Phil Owens and Sam Russo helped Bissell to prepare a narrative to satisfy the USDA, and then called upon David Lerman, Business Advisor at Mohawk Valley Small Business Development Center, who prepared a financial package that completed the USDA requirements and Heidelberg was granted the guarantee. 

How SCORE helped. 

Bissell met with SCORE volunteer mentors Phil Owens and Sam Russo, who provided help writing a business plan. Bissell’s company had a lengthy history, but needed a new plan to reflect an upcoming expansion, for which he needed financing.

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