Nick Hausted started painting as a part-time job when he was in college. He’d just gotten married, and painting allowed him the flexibility he needed to both study and make an income. Over time, he accepted more painting jobs and his business grew.

Hausted says, “The more things developed, the more I realized how much I enjoyed working with my hands as well as the various administrative aspects of the trade. Before I knew it, I was a full-time painter developing a small painting business and excited about the idea of making it my main focus for the future.” He officially launched his business, Handsome Painting, in 2015.

My successes. 

Hausted now owns a thriving residential painting business serving homes in southwest Michigan and Indiana.

How SCORE helped. 

Hausted took advantage of the SCORE mentoring program and learned Quickbooks with Karen Brown. His mentors, Jim Brooks and Allan Kaylor, have helped him make decisions about equipment purchases, loans, employment, legal issues and more.

Hausted says, “Simply knowing that I am able to run questions by a business expert gives me a certain confidence in the decision-making processes that I would definitely not have on my own.”

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