Bre Boswell turned her extensive experience with working with children into a robust business. Boswell’s degree in child development and her past as a behavior therapist, childcare manager, preschool gymnastics director/coach, and nanny propelled her to launch GrowthSpurts Child Development Facility, LLC. Here, Boswell and her team deliver exceptional preschool services in a safe environment.

My successes. 

It took more than a year for Boswell to refine her business plan, but once she did, Boswell was able to open her company ahead of schedule. She has since grown her business by 350 percent within six months. As of September 2017, financial projections suggested that Boswell would be able to earn a profit before the end of the calendar year.

How SCORE helped. 

Although Boswell has an extensive background in childcare, she needed guidance and support when it came to business operations. Boswell’s mentors - Carol Kerwin, Don Schlotterbeck and Horace Morana - collaborated with her to develop a cohesive business plan. “Your business plan is everything,” she says, “don’t take any shortcuts.” Boswell’s mentors also encouraged her to network with other preschool business owners.

Boswell utilized SCORE tools in a variety of ways, including reading blog posts, reviewing recorded workshops, and conducting in-person meetings with her mentors. “[My mentors] have not only taught me business fundamentals, but they’ve guided me to make educated business decisions and have given me the confidence to share my business plan with others in my community,” she says.

Boswell recommends that budding entrepreneurs carefully consider their business objectives. “Do the tedious research,” she says. “The more effort you put into it, the more prepared you’ll be.”

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