While working with a client, building sustainability consultant Michael Herod got a hunch that removing all the customer’s mini refrigerators would result in dramatic energy savings. “I couldn’t prove my hunch because the technology didn’t exist, and I ultimately lost that contract,” he recalls. “A few months into unemployment the idea woke me up in the middle of the night.” He started following the hunch again, down a path that ultimately led to the creation of GOEFER.

Herod’s energy technology company focuses on the plug-load — anything with a power cord — in buildings. GOEFER provides value by analyzing the energy your electronics use everyday.  The GOEFER Energy Manager (GEM) can be a hands-off solution or customers can utilize the virtual-live-energy studies to discover untold value and savings opportunities.

My successes. 

“I suffer from ‘shiny squirrel’ syndrome and Doug help to focus me,” Herod says. “But more importantly, he reminds me that I’ve got this and it’s going to work out. He gives me confidence to keep pushing forward.” 

GOEFER is a tenant at the Frederick Innovative Technology Center, a nonprofit incubator serving Frederick, Maryland.

How SCORE helped. 

"I always ask questions, and starting a business of this scale was way outside my experience,” Herod admits. “So I started researching and found SCORE, and then Doug.” 

Herod worked with volunteer mentor Doug Allen to narrow down the focus for his idea, and begin laying the framework for a business. They meet once or twice each month, and communicate by email in between those meetings. 

Key Topics