Over the course of nearly 30 years as a computer instructor and database developer, Jimmy Davies often considered creating a business to capitalize on those skills. “For years I thought of creating a business that utilized my computer skills, was internet-based so that my physical location would not matter, would allow for enormous growth and would generate sales while I slept,” Davies explains. It sounds like a lofty dream, but through the Every.Black family of websites, Davies is making it happen. 

Every.Black is a group of more than 10 membership websites that provide basic technology services, resources and support to prepare people of African descent to succeed in the information age. From marketing to social media maintenance, these membership websites segmented by industry also provide exposure and networking opportunities.

After a few years of development, including finding the right website developer, understanding which services would provide the most value to members, and building a sales force, the Every.Black network launched in January 2017. 

Check out http://www.every.black for more information. 

My successes. 

Volunteer mentors Christopher Exton and Richard Crocco inspired Davies to develop an annual Every.Black event. In January 2018, the company will launch a financial freedom tour in Virginia and North Carolina. The one-day event will combine financial fitness, home ownership, and youth education topics. “It will be a coordinated effort to really promote entrepreneurship along with the other presenters,” Davies says. 

How SCORE helped. 

Davies asked SCORE mentors for guidance with sales and marketing for his new project. He’s also attended several workshops over the past few years, including sessions on social media and public speaking. “I learn something from every lesson and the networking with the other attendees is very valuable,” he says.

Exton and Crocco have offered ideas, such as the annual Every.Black event, and provided new contacts for Davies to explore. “They have also encouraged me to reach out to the local colleges and universities,” Davies says. “One side benefit is that they encourage me and reassure me when I am doing the right things.”