Management consultant Brian Gregg and acting teacher Byron Stewart teamed up and applied their respective backgrounds and shared interests to start Dramatic Diversity, a consultancy offering theater-based diversity training for corporations, colleges, universities and associations. 

Using Stewart’s 15 years of experience using theater for social change and Gregg’s familiarity with the corporate sector, the two budding entrepreneurs commissioned a team of actors and scriptwriters to develop relevant scenes and simulations on race relations, management styles and similar topics that would both entertain and educate corporate audiences.

Both men lacked knowledge in small business marketing, so they contacted SCORE for help. SCORE helped them develop a strong business plan and effective marketing strategies.

My successes. 

Dramatic Diversity won two contracts with Fortune 500 firms in the first four months after launching. During a later successful campaign, Dramatic Diversity signed 10 new contracts with Fortune 500 firms and quickly became a profitable enterprise.

SCORE had advised that alliances with other industry leaders were a good path toward accelerated growth. Through diligent research and numerous meetings, Dramatic Diversity partnered with one of the Midwest’s leading diversity consultants. This partnership enabled Dramatic Diversity to gain intensified momentum and increased training credibility.

How SCORE helped. 

 “After our first year, we focused on finding strategic opportunities to accelerate our growth,” Stewart explains. “We looked to SCORE to help us identify some of these opportunities.”

After attending several Dramatic Diversity training sessions, volunteer mentors Marge Schneider and Eliot Shear helped Stewart and Gregg develop a 12-month marketing campaign that included brochures, sales presentations and direct mail tailored to corporate audiences.

What's great about my mentor? 

Stewart considers the advice of his SCORE mentors an essential component of Dramatic Diversity’s success. He says that every time the company seems poised to advance another step, “You can bet we’ll be talking to SCORE about how to best manage our growth.”

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