You might wonder what an architect is doing opening a pet daycare business.  For Megan Prather, it was a classic case of identifying a problem and developing a solution that worked for herself and that she knew would work for countless others with busy schedules – a pet daycare that offered flexible hours, extensive interaction and affordable prices.  The journey to launching that idea into a full-fledged business venture took over 2 years and steadfast resolve.  But with the tenacity of a bulldog, Megan Prather made it happen.

My successes. 

You may have heard that entrepreneurs are dedicated to their ventures but Megan’s commitment goes even beyond the typical.  She spent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, taking no salary throughout her first year in business.  That hard work has certainly paid off.

For starters, Megan developed a robust website that helped her secure 50 client commitments before even opening the doors to the business.  And business has certainly been booming ever since – Dogtown quadrupled their number of full-time employees and more than doubled their number of part-time employees in just their second year in business.

Megan also took advantage of the services offered by fellow SCORE client, Bad Girl Ventures, attending an intensive 9-week business bootcamp.  Future goals for the business include adding a 24-hour veterinary service.

Dogtown was named SCORE Cincinnati Client of the Month in April 2012 and SCORE Cincinnati Client of the Year in 2012.  In December 2012, Dogtown was chosen as the recipient of Sam’s Club Holiday Cheer, receiving a $1000 gift card and travel expenses to Dallas to attend a high-speed Marketing workshop.

What's great about my mentor? 

“Working with SCORE and Dennis Murphy my SCORE Mentor has provided a foundation to help my business grow,” said Megan. “He has worked with me since December of 2009 on every aspect of my business from my business plan, to financial planning, to finding a building, to HR issues, marketing, meeting with bankers with me, to negotiating my lease, introduced me to my accountant, etc.

Frank Raeon was a great help in helping me find the right building and location for my business and helping me lease/purchase agreement terms.

Greg Noe was a great help to me with my financials and working out the terms of my Lease Purchase Agreement, and he also introduced to my attorney who has been a great help to me.”

Dogtown Cincinnati