Despite her CPR certification and career as a medical professional, Felicia Jackson froze when her 2-year-old son stopped breathing in the backseat of the car one day. Jackson’s husband acted quickly and saved the toddler, but Jackson was left shaken – and determined to prevent the same thing from happening to others. If even a trained professional can forget CPR under extreme stress, Jackson knew it was probably happening to people everywhere. So, she invented CPR Wrap, a disposable CPR template that lays across the victim’s chest and provides step-by-step instructions to any lay responder. In addition to the instructions, CPR Wrap has an attached one-way valve mouth barrier and visual hand placements for proper compression.

As she was forming her business, Jackson sought mentoring from SCORE and enrolled in the LAUNCH CHA Business Entrepreneurship Academy, bringing CPR Wrap from an idea on a piece of paper to a prototype. She later participated in The Company Lab’s Accelerator Program.

My successes. 

Jackson successfully launched her business in 2015, hired two employees, and will soon hire two more. She has a patent pending on two inventions, has twice presented a TEDx talk, and has pitched to AOL Founder Steve Case with the Rise of the Rest Tour. She also started an empowerment blog called Chronicles of a Female Founder. Jackson now partners with school systems, hospitals, and airlines to save lives through CRP Wrap.  

How SCORE helped. 

Jackson says, “Everything that is happening to my company started with my first mentor session with SCORE of Chattanooga.” She went into that meeting afraid and unsure, but came out with the information she needed, plus increased motivation.

She worked with two different mentors over two or three sessions, but says “that first session was all I needed to get the ball started.”

CPR Wrap