At Best Comics in New Hyde Park, N.Y., one can find sports memorabilia, action figures, wall art, and new comics arriving every Wednesday. The business, which Tommy Maletta has run since 1991, also sells products all over the world through its website and eBay auctions.

After he expanded to four different locations, business was thriving, but costs were high, says Maletta. He sought mentorship from SCORE to help deal with the challenge of growth.

My successes. 

Maletta decided to close three of his locations, and now does 40 percent of his business through the internet. Not maintaining multiple onsite locations has helped Maletta reduce costs while maintaining growth

How SCORE helped. 

Maletta’s mentor, Lenny Buchholtz, suggested that he use social media as a low-cost way to promote his business. Based on those meetings, says Maletta, “I changed the marketing strategy for my whole business. I brought in high schoolers to help expand the social media and make it exciting and engaging.”

That strategy has helped increase sales and ensures that his business remains sustainable.

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