When Eric Hunter first picked up a Lego at four years old, he didn’t know that he was beginning a journey that would take him to the Legoland California Resort, where, as a Merlin Magic Maker, he designed what was at the time the tallest Lego model in the world (the 30-foot tall Petronas Twin Towers). From there, Lego-building brought Hunter across the country, to Norwalk, Connecticut, where he started his own business building commissioned Lego models. 

Hunter creates all kinds of models for businesses and personal use, and even designs personalized kits for those who want to build the model themselves. His independent work includes designing a Lego Air Jordan sneaker kit and a wall hanging for Microsoft’s Apex division.

My successes. 

Hunter’s model of the Essex House Hotel, which the business commissioned to display in their lobby, was featured on the Today Show and his client base has grown to include heavy hitters like Microsoft, Honeywell, and New York Life.

Model of car built out of legos 

How SCORE helped. 

Hunter attended a six-part local workshop on how to start a new business and kept going to workshops on everything from copyright law to using spreadsheets. His SCORE mentor, Brian Baxendale, has helped him learn how to grow wisely. With Baxendale’s help, Hunter’s business has at times expanded to include eight employees and a bookkeeper.

The Art of LeGogh's display at EarthLink booth

The Art of LeGogh

My Mentors