Arthur Betancourt set out to develop a different type of talent recruitment business. Instead of quickly placing people into jobs to rack up success fees, Betancourt developed a “perfect fit” process. The objective of his business, AEBETANCOURT, is to place the right person into the right job while emphasizing team building, strategy and training for the overall success of a company. An individualized approach and a specialized pricing structure slash recruitment costs for clients up to 50 percent.

My successes. 

AEBETANCOURT has seen revenues triple within one year. The company has moved into its own office space and has brought on new employees.

How SCORE helped. 

Betancourt’s SCORE mentor, Jim Coates, spent time going over the business model and provided emotional support. “I wanted someone who had my best interest in mind who could sit down with my idea and tell me where to go and how to grow,” says Betancourt. SCORE also provided information on how to get AEBETANCOURT up and running.

Betancourt advises entrepreneurs to work with SCORE for a balanced business perspective. “You’re going to get a lot of advice from friends and family members who care about you,” he says. “Contact SCORE and get someone who will offer you unbiased advice.”


My Mentors