“After working throughout the building construction industry for many years, I knew I wanted something more for myself,” 716 Home Inspections owner James Paolini says. “When I discovered the home-inspection industry, it seemed like the perfect fit for my skills, knowledge, and passion for helping people.”

716 Home Inspections provides full evaluations of the structural and mechanical components of clients’ homes. Paolini educates clients on the condition of their homes and prepares them for challenges that may arise in the future. 

My successes. 

“I started the mentoring process when the business was just an idea,” Paolini says. “Since then I have established the business and each year significantly grown.”

How SCORE helped. 

Paolini attended the Starting and Managing Your Own Business workshop, where he learned more about the mentorship opportunities SCORE offers. Since then, he has attended many workshops, on topics ranging from social media marketing to trade shows. 

Paolini initially met with mentors John Vitale and John Schultz on a monthly basis, but as his business has progressed those meetings have become more intermittent. “After each meeting, I was more confident in my business and ready to achieve more goals,” Paolini says.

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