Vera's Art

Starting at a very young age, Vera Smith loved using art as a way to express herself. Having an education in art along with a passion for painting, Smith began giving her paintings away to her friends as presents. In 2003, Smith decided to turn her passion into a business.

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San Antonio TX
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

Smith attributes the help of her mentor Gordon Sanford and attending SCORE workshops as two of the reasons why she was able to have successful commissions in 2013. SCORE workshops provided the artist with useful business tips and tools that allowed her to manage and improve different aspects of her business.

How SCORE Helped

With no background in business or sales, Smith knew she would need some guidance. The artist says it can be tough running a small business alone, "It can be very lonely and scary having a small business by yourself." When Smith met her mentor Gordon Sanford, she knew her business needed help. "At the time of my first meeting with Mr. Sanford, I knew I really needed help. I use to avoid the disagreeable financial news of"

The help and advice the artist received from her mentor was invaluable. "I learned to face my business wish honesty, seeing the strengths, and weaknesses. I learned how to plan, evaluate, and come up with strategies for the future."

My Mentors