Tech Basement - Troy Stanley & Dave Bennett

Tech Basement is a new business venture started jointly by Troy Stanley and Dave Bennett. The business is a full service residential and small business computer retail store, providing computer sales, repair, training, technical support, home or office networking, and on-site services.  They are located at 800 North Sixth Street, Reading, PA.

Troy Stanley and Dave Bennett
My Location
800 North Sixth Street
Reading PA
United States
My Successes

One of the many offerings of Tech Basement is a complete computer system that they can provide for $99.00, proudly advertised on one of their two store front windows.

Troy and Dave acquire used systems from businesses where leases have expired on equipment or through asset recovery services.  They refurbish these computer systems and make them available for the price tag of $99.00.  These systems are popular for small business applications or for families who want to provide this technology to their children for homework and educational enrichment.

Tech Basement has successfully discovered a market niche – and today they have satisfied customers who not only own a complete computer system, but who would otherwise not have been able to afford such level of technology.  What a wonderful service to the community.

How SCORE Helped

Troy Stanley is very appreciative for all the help that he and his partner received from the Reading and Berks Chapter of SCORE.  “You can’t find what I got from SCORE anywhere else,” extols Troy.