Sweet Robichaux, LLC

Husband and wife team Stephen & Jennifer Robichaux started out as pure baking enthusiasts before realizing they could turn their hobby into a viable business opportunity.  They imagined a creative, unique, innovative and yet Southern-souled bakery.  But how could they turn this vision into a reality?  That’s where SCORE mentors stepped in to walk them through the process of starting their venture.  Now, their cupcakes, fudge, southern brittle, whoopie pies and customized iced sugar cookies are igniting the smiles of customers everywhere.


Stephen & Jennifer Robichaux
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Prairieville LA
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Not even a year old, the business has expanded beyond their small residential kitchen to a commercial kitchen.  Their near-term plan is to increase baking capacity, reduce overhead, increase marketing capabilities and subsequently grow and expand enough to be able to serve weddings, local and community celebrations, and be a vendor at local markets and festivals. Their longer-term vision includes selling sweets from a "Sweet Eats" food truck and later having a retail store. These venues will include their basic cupcakes, fudge, southern brittle, whoopie pies, a variety of iced sugar cookies, plus ice cream and other confections.

Sweet Robichaux provided pastries, cookies and candies for the After Party following the 2012 SCORE Awards Gala in New Orleans.  The business was chosen as a winner of the Sam’s Club Holiday Cheer initiative in December 2012, receiving a $1,000 grant and a trip to Dallas to attend a high speed growth marketing workshop hosted by SCORE. 

How SCORE Helped

Their mentor says, “Stephen & Jennifer were overflowing with ideas when they came to us.  They understood the product and had a good grasp on marketing direction.  They were lacking the knowledge and resources to create a solid foundation on which to build.  We provided them with tools that would help them organize their thoughts and ideas, balance their finances and build a solid business plan.”  At the recommendation of their mentors, the team decided to incorporate as an LLC in May of 2012.

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