Success for Stylease

Jennifer Hughes wanted a more sophisticated clothing style for her baby. She didn’t want to deal with the hassle of separate clothes, so she decided to create a design for one-piece garments that look like separate clothes.

Jennifer Hughes
My Location
Traverse City MI
United States
My Successes

Jennifer established the Stylease line of children's fashions. She found a manufacturer, arranged for distribution, hired an ad agency, trademarked and patented her product and funded the initial spring line of 16,000 outfits.  However, Jennifer lacked a business plan, a budget process and a financing mechanism.  Her ad agency suggested that she contact SCORE.

Over the years, Jennifer raised additional capital for the marketing and manufacturing of Stylease’s expanded spring line. Since contacting Phil, she has more than quadrupled the boutique stores that carry her line to nearly 200.

Jennifer still bounces ideas off Phil almost daily via email or phone. She has met with him several times while in New York for apparel trade shows. And, Phil's grandson joined Jennifer’s daughter as models on the cover of Stylease’s 2005 Spring Catalog.

What's Great About My Mentor?

Jennifer browsed SCORE's Web site looking for assistance on "venture capital & financing".   She found Phil Greene, a SCORE mentor in New Rochelle, New York, from the list of available mentors with this expertise.

"I hit the jackpot,” says Jennifer. “Phil helped me create a business plan, guided me through business scenarios and introduced me to potential investors.”

How SCORE Helped

"I thank SCORE for providing the resources that they do,” Jennifer says. “I am eternally grateful to Phil, my mentor and friend, for continuing to help me to build a strong and successful company."