Success Story for Suntactics

Suntactics started in a garage in 2010 with a prototype product and a founder that realized he needed help to develop and launch his business. He immediately contacted SCORE and found the support required for getting the business off the ground and soaring. The result is a growing successful profitable American company with eco-friendly products manufactured right here in the USA.

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Suntactics focuses on portable solar and off grid solar energy products. Their current products are a unique 5-watt handheld solar charger called the sCharger-5 for solar charging smartphones like the iPhone and the powerful dual port 14-watt solar charger called the sCharger-12 for solar charging multiple remote devices including tablets like the iPad. These compact, high power and durable solar power chargers meet the needs for a wide range of portable devices and are designed for long-term value, not obsolescence. The units are manufactured at Fastrak, a veteran owned contract manufacturer in San Jose, CA.

Suntactics is meeting an increasing customer demand by increasing production so they can provide this critical resource to all their customers for a large number of everyday applications as well as emergencies like tsunami, earthquakes, floods and hurricanes where power is interrupted for days or even weeks.  With increased demand they have been able to increase their workforce from 1 to 3 employees and nearly double their revenues in just a year’s time.

The company was recognized as one of the 10 Best Eco-Inventions of 2010 by The Green Market, one of the Web’s most comprehensive resources on the business of the environment.

What's Great About My Mentor?

SCORE counselors Ray Muzzy and Frank De Turris are helping the company in sales and marketing and also in the manufacturing area.  Now the issue is to continue this successful start. Web development and sales support will be required to expand the market opportunities and overall sales for current and future products. And here they need continuing on-going support from SCORE. Dean Sala said, “We continue to work with SCORE counselors on marketing to help us as needed.”

How SCORE Helped

Dean says, "With SCORE’s help, I have taken an idea (invention) and actually turned it into a tangible product that produces positive cash flow. My advice to the new entrepreneur, people should look into outfits like SCORE, follow their program, listen to what they say and you will be successful.”

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