Steve Allen, RAD Cab and SCORE

"When I go in to talk to my SCORE Mentor he really helps me sort it all out and we just get organized and when I go home, I feel confident about what's going on." - Steve Allen, RAD Cab

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Steve Allen
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Tulsa OK
United States
My Successes

When Steve Allen of Tulsa, OK got tired of the corporate grind, he turned to a SCORE mentor to help launch his dream business, RadCab - a successful bicycle taxi and outdoor advertising company, and a fun way to get around downtown Tulsa!

Find out how Rad Cab gives back to brighten the lives of those less fortunate and see pictures of Rad Cabs in action click here!

What's Great About My Mentor?

"When I go in and talk to my SCORE mentor, he really helps me sort it all out and get organized."

How SCORE Helped

"SCORE helped me create a business plan and implement it."