Scrolls and Strings Violin House - Jeff and Shelly Reider

Scrolls and Strings Violin House is a full service stringed instrument sales and repair establishment.  Owners Jeff Reider, a Master Luthier, and his wife, Shelly, a Restoration craftsperson, started their business in April 2006.  The business is located at 608 Penn Avenue, West Reading, PA.

Scrolls and Strings provides sales, repairs, rentals, and appraisals on all stringed instruments, including violin, viola, cello, bass, and mandolin.  Their services and expertise include any repair of the bows for these instruments as well.

Jeff and Shelly Reider
My Location
608 Penn Avenue
West Reading PA
United States
Year Company Formed
My Successes

Jeff and Shelly have created a way to start a successful business combining each of their passions for music, musical instruments, and skilled craftsmanship.

How SCORE Helped

Jeff and Shelly give a lot of credit for their initial success to Reading and Berks Chapter of SCORE and the SCORE counselors that they were using during this start-up phase.  Jeff said, “The SCORE counselors gave us a focus and direction and taught us the value of a business plan.”  Shelly added, “I was very impressed with our SCORE experience, especially how they guided us through our early organizational efforts and the actual business opening.”